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Hot Pressing

In Hot Pressing, the product is manufactured in a steel or aluminium mold and the heat is used to aid the procedure. Typical Pressing temperature is 125-160 degrees Celsius.

RealComposite Ltd uses mainly the prepreg manufacturing method to produce the carbon fiber products. In this production method both the matrix and reinforcements are already in place. The advantages of prepreg manufacturing are the product's high reinforcement level, cleanliness and evenness of quality. Volumes may change from a few hundred items all the way to 20 000 items per year.

For example a scanning level for RTG mammography use.

Hot Pressing may also be used with a polyester matrix and glass reinforcements.
For example in a radiation shield




Bullet- and splinter-proof vests

Bullet- and splinter-proof vests are mostly manufactured by hot pressing them of prepregs. Vests are produced with an attempt to have them contain as much reinforcement as possible. Reinforcement can be glass or aramid tissue. Matrix can be chosen according to objective. Vests can typically contain over 80 % reinforcement content.

Vests are built according to required protection class and our raw material supplier is available for structural analysis and layer determination. Structures may also be composites, when e.g. bulletproof vests have a tough material layer on the surface which is attached with composite vest. Vests are cut with water jet and abrasive.