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Prosessityöntekijä, muovituoteteollisuus

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Avoimet työpaikat
Prosessityöntekijä, muovituoteteollisuus, 2 paikkaa

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We always seek to find out the optimal production method for the manufacturing process. We can observe the suitability of the manufacturing method during the product life cycle as the volumes and environments change. At RealComposite we only use production methods, which bring a very light impact on the environment, taking also into account the welfare of our employees. Material loss has been minimized in all phases. The personnel has at best over 20 year experience of producing plastic composites.

In assembling the products, RealComposite Ltd accounts for the procurement and the assembling of all the components. Additionally, the product may be totally planned and inspected for strength by RealComposite Ltd. Documentation and After Sales services can also be a part of the whole service process.

Manufacturing methods used by us

Hot Pressing
Wet Pressing
Vacuum Injection
Water Jet Cutting

We also have a water jet cutter and X-ray devices at our disposal.


Carbon fiber sheets and materials are for sale also for recreational use.

(Tuning and Racing buffs)

Carbon fiber sheets are mostly 0.5-5 mm thick and typical sizes are approximately A4 and A3 sheet sizes. Other sizes are available upon request.

Cutting into complete shapes can also be performed by Water Jet. In carbon fiber sheets produced by RealComposite Ltd, the carbon content is up to approximately 70 % because of prepreg production method.

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