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Water Jet Cutting

In Water Jet Cutting the cutting takes place with pressurized water and abrasive. We have 2D and 3D cutters at our disposal.

Pressurized water (2 500-4 000 bar) is led via high pressure piping to the nozzle, where a granite sand will be used as an abrasive.

Water jet is capable of cutting steel (max. 45 mm), plastics, elastomers, wood, plywood, plastic composites etc. Advantages include measurement accuracy and speed. Another advantage is that the absence of heat will not produce damages on materials, which are cut.

The 2D cutter we use reads CAD charts directly (DXF and DWG formats) and the cutting paths can be created quickly with a finalized picture. In Robot cutting (3D) the cutting path is introduced either by a finished object or from drawn object into the memory of the robot.