RealComposite is a company operating in Mäntyharju, Finland with a particular specialization in design, manufacturing and assembly of extremely robust composite products.

Our specialities are a cost-effective SMC manufacturing process, hot pressing of high quality carbon fiber products in a clean room and X-ray equipment to test carbon fiber products that go for example to hospitals.

RealComposite's design and production methods represent top of the line in our field and we have several large Finnish and international corporations as well as small businesses and consumers as our clients.

A typical RealComposite service model is a complete service from design to assembly. RealComposite also produces components and design by subcontracting. Areas of specialization include composite products and solutions in medicine, electricity, measuring device and automation industries.

RealComposite works in close co-operation with Realplast that specializes in the injection molding of plastic products. We can also be in charge of the whole product service together by utilizing both of our companies' strengths


Production of the high-quality RC460H rowing boat has started in Mäntyharju.



More info: Tuomo Nikkinen +358 40 181 2770