MC (Sheet Moulding Compound) is a Hot Pressing method where a ready-to-use mass is used for material.

Mass consists of matrix material (polyester, vinyl esther, phenol etc.), staple fibre reinforcement (22-42 p-%) and different fills and additives. Hardening requires a temperature of over 80 degrees Celsius. The mold is a machined steel mold with a release mechanism in place. It is necessary to create a 7-11 MPa pressure inside the mold and a typical Pressing temperature is 125-160 degrees Celsius.

The advantages are a fast production process and only a minor loss of materials. Hardening in the mold takes place in 20-40 sec/millimetre of material strength.

Volume may be approximately 3 000-20 000 items per year.

RealComposite manufactures for example composite parts of welding equipment, structural parts of meat sales counter and freezer cabinet and also the support base for a waste container etc.